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Original Book Layouts

Let’s Get Started!

Original Text Layout

Original Picture Layout

Page Layout Variations

Two-page spread—original book layout

One page spread—one topic

One page spread—layout variations

One page spread—two topics

One-Page text wrap

Tools & Tips

Text Basics—tabs, bullets, alignment

Text Wrapping

Master Pages, Numbering

Printing Plus

Send Your Page

Convert to Website

And, of course, More

All directions developed for MS Publisher 2007 & ‘03

                                                Let’s Get Started! (sample page)

Start Your Own File and Save This Template

1. On the File meñu, click Save As...

2. Give your book a name and click Save. This will create a new file with your title and save this template in case you ever need it.


Defaults for current file and how to change them.


This template is set to View + Two-Page Spread. Page 1, of course, is single because it is the cover.

To change to single-page spread go to View and check off Two-Page Spread.

Type Box Specs

Normal type style is Times New Roman, 12 point, Paragraph—6 points after. Line¾ pt., black. Change to suit your taste and whim.

Using Layouts

When you see a layout close to what you want, change it, refine it, and set up the rest of your document.

1. Right click on page number icons with unwanted layouts and Delete Page (Remember you have saved the original template, so you can always change your mind.)

2. Right click on the last page number icon shown and insert as many pages as you think you need. If you have a satisfactory layout, choose  Duplicate all objects.

Snap To Guides is ON.

To turn off, select Arrange + Snap + Guides.

Text Box: On-page directions for inserting content into boxes.

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