The original goal of “Sister” was to create Boundaries: a “Reservoir of Resistance” for children faced with the choice of taking, or not taking, drugs and provide tools to cope after they had Just Said No! We felt that asking our students to clearly state boundaries, create poetic/artistic expressions from those statements, and publish their work would be a powerful way to create the reservoir. This process would then be available to classrooms and similar groups. The design and appearance of the site is as close to the original book as possible.

Student contributors attended Browns’ Schoolhouse, an alternative school in Chandler, AZ, and ranged from fifth to eleventh grade. The title and theme grew out of a conversation between Mr. Brown and  Joey K. The students presented all the boundaries, and created the poetry and art. Mr. and Mrs. Brown herded the flock, edited the content, and helped put it together.

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—Doug & Gail Brown

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