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Created by The Students of Browns’  Schoolhouse

Not My Little Sister

an addiction education e-book

Joey’s Story

One morning before school, Joey K. said, “Mr. Brown, I’m so mad I almost beat the “heck” out of some kids yesterday.” Joey had been expelled from school, but had an easy way with people, and seldom used profanity. I said, “That doesn’t sound like you. What’s up?”

Joey said, “Three guys tried to sell my little sister dope. She’s only in the fourth grade. It really freaked me out!”

Playing devil’s advocate, “I’m not sure I get it. You’re all doing it. What’s the big deal?”

“Yeah, but not my little sister!

I see. So that’s your boundary, right?”

“What do you mean Mr. Brown?”

“Your boundary. Not your little sister.”

“Yeah. Whatta ya think?”

I said, “I get it. Not Your Little Sister.”

That was Joey’s boundary and it seemed like a great place to begin a discussion with our kids. We started class, I told the story of Joey and his little sister. Immediately students offered examples of their own.

So this book is about setting boundaries whatever your past experiences. It is not designed to tell anyone what the boundaries are, or should be, but for them to discover and state them.

Finally, this project is designed to start a reservoir of thoughts and ideas, a resistance reservoir, for students to have available as an adjunct to “Just Say No.”

Tell Joey’s story. Use it as a discussion tool. You will have plenty of discussion from the kids and others.


“It always starts with a story!”

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